A Site of Assorted

New Christian Songs


This is a site of some Christian songs, hymns and carols and other oddments which might be of use.

The items on the site are on separate pages, - click on the various links to go to them.


Christian Music

Here are some carols and songs which have not been published elsewhere.

The pieces have been scanned in as PDF images.Feel free to use them for Christian worship,

but please acknowledge the copyright. If you want to make a donation send money to TEAR Fund.

If anyone wants to publish them for money contact me.

(For some reason I have to click twice on the music and words to open them)

Click here for Jesus is Lord of all the Earth. (Intended for singing with Martin Frey's "He is Lord")

Click here for On a little donkey. (For Palm Sunday)

Click here for Come from the north.

Click here for Lord you've given me love.

Click here for A stranger in a stable. (A Christmas carol)

Click here for Bethlehem your streets are crowded. (A Christmas carol)

Click here for Alleluia, for Jesus the Lord of creation . (A Christmas carol)

Click here for Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

Click here for Father you give us everything . (for harvest)

Click here for Lord in the freshness of the morning.

Click here for Relax in God's love.

Click here for Jesus, Jesus. (a worship song)


A Glimpse of Hell

This is a piece written for our church magazine. Feel free to copy it if you want.

Click here to read "A glimpse of Hell".



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